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Oil Press machine | Oil making machine | Screw oil making pressing machine | Essential oil extractor machine | তেল ভাঙ্গানোর মেশিন

পণ্যটি যে দেশ থেকে আমদানী হবে সেদেশের ক্রয় মূল্য  উপরে দেওয়া আছে। উক্ত ক্রয় মূল্যের সাথে পণ্যটি আনার খরচ যুক্ত হবে।এছাড়াও পণ্যটি আনার জন্য কাঠের বক্স এর খরচ ও যুক্ত করতে হবে।

Advantage of oil making equipment

  1. High oil press rate.
  2. The final oil is very clean without any residue. Two oil filters can enable the cleanness of the final oil.
  3. Special screw structure is able to press oil with high efficiency.
  4. The oil screw making machine is suitable for different raw materials such as soybeans, peanut, cotton seeds, rapeseed, olives, sunflower seeds

Approx. Price:

Original price was: 412,000.00৳ .Current price is: 315,000.00৳ .

Product Details:

অর্ডার ছাড়া আমাদের কাছে কোন মেশিন পাবেন না, তাই মেশিন লাগলে অর্ডার দিতে হবে, অর্ডারের সময় ৩০ – ৭০ % এডভান্সড করতে হবে, বাকি পেমেন্ট ডেলিভারির সময় দিতে হবে।


  • LC, TT, Bank Transfer, Cash Payment Accept.
  • ডেলিভারির জন্য 25-60 কর্মদিন লাগে।

Product Specification:

A screw oil making machine is a machine that squeezes the oil components contained in the oil crops. It is a stainless steel oil extractor with one screw. The raw material can be soybeans, peanuts, cotton seeds, rapeseed, olives, sunflower seeds, etc. Before the oil press machine works, you should preheat the machine for about 20 minutes, and the temperature of the pressed peanuts is about 180℃. The thickness of the oil residue with a round shape can be adjusted. There are two pressing ways including hot pressing and cold pressing. Hot pressing means that the operator roasts the raw material in a pan before pressing the oil. (High oil yield). Cold pressing means that the operator places the raw material into the oil pressing machine directly.

The oil-making machine is equipped with two oil filters to simply filter impurities and fried residues, so the pressed oil can be eaten directly

The structure of the oil extractor

The oil extractor machine mainly consists of five parts such as electric control part, the heating and pressing part, the adjusting part, the transmission part, and the vacuum filter oi part.

  1. The electric control part includes an air switch, AC contactor, temperature, control instrument, circuit automatic protection device.
  2. The heating and pressing part is composed of a heater, a pressing screw, and the body.
  3. Oil extraction machine’s transmission part is composed of the main shaft and the gearbox, the pulley, the motor wheel, etc.
  4. The speed adjusting part is composed of an adjusting screw, a regulating nut, a handle, and a locking nut, etc.
  5. Its vacuum filter oil part is composed of the vacuum pump. oil filter tube and other assembly components.

How to install an oil pressing machine?

  1. The oil pressing machine should be installed in enough space.
  2. Place the machine and oil filter horizontally.
  3. After installation, the 0.5-1m ground wire should be connected to the machine, and the gap between is 3-5m.

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